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Disney Pocahontas by JoJoesArt

... I didn't realize you enabled critiques =.= The only thing I actually do on dA is critique and this one deserves it...
Anyways it's really late now and I should sleep but I wanna write T^T

I see a lot of complaints asking/screaming why Pocahontas is a caucasian. Personally, I like the change... it gives it a sense of uniqueness and and better originality. Disney's Pocahontas shows a very determined and strong girl whereas your character seems much more emotional and delicate. I never would've thought Pocahontas could be drawn this way, but you've managed to pull it off! :D

The colours are absolutely gorgeous. One side shows a bit of darkness while the other shows light. The soft shading of her skin completes her gentle expression. Her eyes, though they look sad, are vivid and bright. The flower, necklace, and bracelet gives off extra touches as well as the falling leaves and bird which relates to the original Pocahontas.

Every detail illustrated in this drawing looks like it's been handled with care, as if the picture itself was fragile. From the strands of her hair to the way her arm is posed, the picture shows a unique way of portraying Pocahontas. This, no matter what others say, has probably got to be one of my favorite pictures from you. I cannot describe in words how beautiful and delicate this drawing looks. Some pictures stand still. Others 'move' or even speak. This one and the white tiger with the blood on his whiskers have probably moved me the most. The tiger picture I can literally hear it growling while in this one I can imagine her expression... maybe even sighing.

Overall, I find this artwork of yours truly captivating and beautiful. Gambate, Jonas-san!!

Man... I sound so awkward trying to speak formally *insert yao ming face* for all of you guys out there make sure to check out his fanclub: SanguisStyle! *advertises*
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